When it all began: 1958, Mike Waggoner & the Bops


Thank you for visiting my site! - I am a veteran "throwback, old school" rock and blues tenor sax player from the Twin Cities of Minnesota specializing in blues, blues rock, rockabilly and R&B. I have played with a wide variety of blues based bands in and around the Twin Cities. I cut my teeth playing early rock, rockabilly and surf rock in the late '50's progressing to classic rock, R & B and blues. And in 2004, after a LONG hiatus to raise a family and build/run a business, I retired from the business world and returned to my horn! I've always concentrated and put special emphasis on tone; my forte has been my distinctive/signature sound -  patterned after my mentor and friend, the late, great Clarence Clemons and blues legend Eddie Shaw - incorporating a lot of growl and a bright, aggressive, edgy tone. I was also influenced by Rolling Stone's Bobby Keys and Michael "Tunes" Antunes of Eddie & the Cruisers fame. In the Twin Cities I am known as the "Godfather of Growl". I am also a professional endorser for both Theo Wanne Mouthpiece & Instruments and AMT Instrument Microphones. I am presently retired from active gigging but still record and attend jam nights when possible. 

Photos by Douglas Jenkins 2013

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